Wednesday, November 1, 2006


Hi, David Boyle

By John Esther

"Who am I?" is the omniscient gag in writer-director-actor David Boyle’s unique and amusing comedy about a young Caucasian man who teaches Japanese.

Set in Utah, Boyd (Boyle, who studied Japanese at Brigham Young University) is an entrepreneurial young man who runs as many jobs as he can. When he is not trying to sell his book, Boyd teaches Japanese to his gluttonous Japanese-American, wannabe sumo wrestler, roommate, Jerome (Jayson Watabe) or teaching English to a Japanese-American nurse, Mai (Rachel Morihiro). He is not much of a financial success but Boyd is not interested in working for someone else or living off of his successful father (Dane Allred).

As things begin to escalate out of control, sure enough, Boyd, the ever industrial and absurdly anal young man, is on the ropes when he is asked to translate a business meeting between Japanese and Mexican businessmen at a Japanese restaurant the same night he has an important amorous date.

Will he do it? Can he make both? Will there be a Hollywood ending to this young man living the American-Japanese dream? Of course we know the answer – this is a comedy after all – but the jokes, gags and situations are good nonetheless.

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