Friday, October 29, 2010


Sarah (Emmanuelle Seigner) in Change of Plans.
Entrée Nous

By John Esther

An unoriginal story about some sexual and amorous frustrations of the French bourgeoisie, writer-director Danièle Thompson's film essentially spans between an upcoming dinner party and what happens during that party and afterward up until the next dinner party, scheduled next year.

ML (Karin Viard) is an ambitious, successful lawyer married to Piotr (Dany Boon), who seems to be a good enough husband yet she is having an affair. She and the others, especially the females, but the men will catch up in the infidelity department, just cannot be happy, despite not having to deal with any shortage of money or opportunities. ML's predicament is barely any different from any of the other unhappy married couples or those who are seeking a relationship -- without the slight cognisance of irony.

Supported by mild jokes and concluding with a trough of trivial narrative closures, Change of Plans not only fails to offer anything original (Oh, Voltaire), the direction is noticeable for its incompetence, especially the driving scenes. At first I thought they were a joke. 

With so many good films currently running at theaters, there is no need to make a change of plans to make time for this one. 

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