Friday, April 29, 2011


The Stain (Orlando Bloom) and Ariel Lee (Juliette Lewis) in Sympathy for Delicious.
Bound to earth

By John Esther

Wheel bound on the streets of Los Angeles in more ways than one, life for DJ Delicious (Christopher Thornton) has been too tough for too long. Unemployment, crime, disability…like the people around him, Delicious needs an immediate fix.

Then one day, others discover Delicious has the hands of God and he can cure approximately 72 percent of the people he touches -- such as the ones with illness, blindness or paralysis. This leads to many kinds of exploitation and manipulation by Delicious and others.

Competently directed by Mark Ruffalo, the storyline of Sympathy for Delicious is a mixed bag. It is interesting to watch how Delicious and others make money off his talent from God (just like Rush Limbaugh), but the idea of supernatural healing powers bestowed on a human being in this day and age is a bit silly. Written by Thorton, the script would have better served the character of Delicious if his powers were “scientifically” explained.

Co-starring an amusing Juliette Lewis as a pill addict/rock & roll purist named Ariel Lee, a highly-toned Orlando Bloom as a pretentious rock star called The Stain, Laura Linney as an eccentric agent, and Ruffalo a as priest maligned by pride. 

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