Monday, July 25, 2011


A scene from Escribeme Postales A Copacabana.
Taking flight

The bond of true love is the theme of much of Escribeme Postales A Copacabana (Write Me – Postcards to Copacabana), a Bolivian-German co-production helmed by Thomas Kronthaler and scripted by Stefanie Kremser.

Shot at and set near Lake Titicaca in Bolivia, the lovely, lushly visual Escribeme Postales A Copacabana has a charming cross-cultural, magical realist sensibility. The backdrop is a long ago love affair between a Bavarian man and Bolivian woman who wed and share life together in South America.

Now a grandmother, Elena (Agar Antequera) remembers her late German husband (no, not a Nazi on the lam) and frets over fatherless granddaughter Alfonsina (Julia Hernandez) as she comes of age and begins to search for true love. The beauty of Alfonsina’s widowed, flight attendant mother Rosa (played by the preternaturally sexy Cochabambina actress, Carla Ortiz) complicates her love life, as it attracts men who may not have honorable intentions, as she seeks a mate following the death of her pilot husband.   

This is very much a chick flick the males of the species can enjoy, too – especially its sumptuous cinematography amidst Bolivian vistas and its movie magical realism. The meaning of the title, which I won’t reveal here, is amusing, as a small town girl ponders a wide world beyond Bolivia.

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